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with Lisa Wessan, LICSW

The awe and wonder of giving blood…

on January 10, 2014
Lisa Wessan, advocating for blood donation at Red Cross.

Lisa Wessan, advocating for blood donation at Red Cross.

For most people, during the month of December we look for ways to give extra love, charity, dinners, trips, gifts, bonuses…we are in an intense giving mode.   I wish for every dollar spent at the mall someone donated blood — saving approximately three lives per donation — now that’s massively good giving!

What’s great about donating blood is that you can give it away every eight weeks, at the most, or any amount of times after that during the year.  You can give at each seasonal equinox, or twice a year, whatever you donate, it’s all good.

Each time I give blood I am reminded of the great mystery of our blood, and how it works tirelessly to keep us alive,  coupled  with the awe and  wonder of the human body.  Plus the amazing process by which the Red Cross extracts my blood and delivers it to someone who needs it — just astounding.  So well done.  Bravo!  Kudos to the Red Cross for your exemplary service.

So here’s your reminder that an opportunity awaits you…do you want to raise your self-esteem? Do estimable acts!  Giving blood is a mood changer, uplifter and total Mitzvah blessing, in the full sense of the word.  Go for it! Click here to find nearest donation center in USA.

2 responses to “The awe and wonder of giving blood…

  1. Wonderful, Lisa! I have been a donor for about 23 years, with the past 6 or do as double-red . Such a pain-free way to give, seriously. I have fun every time that people ask why they are pumping beer (that’s what it looks like after red blood cells are separated) back into my arm. 🙂


    • That’s wonderful, Steve! I tried to do platelets but I get very ill from the coagulant in that machine, I must be allergic to it. So for me, when my blood goes out, it does not come back…but I know that the double-red platelet donation is hugely important, saves so many lives. Shine on, you are such a blessing! ^.^


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