The Lighter Side of Transformation

with Lisa Wessan, LICSW

Discipline becomes Bliss-ipline

on September 16, 2010

“Your Discipline Will Eventually Become Your Bliss-ipline.” Rev. Michael Beckwith

This is my prayer for today…I need more daily willingness to eat healthy food, exercise, forgive, let go and move on from bad decisions…for today these are my disciplines, and they are rough going. I look forward to the day when these are automatic and easy.

There was a time not too long ago when I woke up early, meditated, met friends in Central Park at 6:30 AM to do our four mile race walk loop in an hour, and was showered, dressed and at my desk a subway ride away by 9 AM…I yearn for that structure again.

What will it take for me to regain that structure? Being on a consultant’s schedule, I have the blessing of flexibility, but the shadow side of this has lots of opportunities for distraction…

How do you bring on the discipline and the “Bliss-ipline?” I’d love to hear your structure and flow tips for a more balanced life. I’m a beginner again here…

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