The Lighter Side of Transformation

with Lisa Wessan, LICSW

UP NEXT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills (DBT) new semester on Mindfulness and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Once again I am delighted to be entering a new semester of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills training.  Here is the DBT flyer for the next group: DBT FLYER FOR AUTUMN 2021

Fast Facts:

  • All 90-minute groups are $65/Week (private pay, no copays.)  Students with PPO or Out of Network benefit can be reimbursed AFTER they submit my Superbill to their insurance company. 
  • Students pay in full prior to start of group. Personal checks, money orders or PayPal are used for fees. All fees and forms must be completed by 9/17/21 to gain entry to this group.
  • My students are 95% well mannered, high functioning and convivial.  For those who occasionally tend to demand more attention, want to give inappropriate feedback and/or act out in any way, I do have a strong “Respectful Communication Policy” in place and several useful group rules which help to maintain a safe, harmonious and cohesive group atmosphere.  All are welcome, but there is no allowance for rude or harsh behavior.
  • Group members will continue to process their unresolved traumas in their individual therapy, not in this group. This is a therapeutic psychoeducation program. (It is NOT group therapy.)
  • Group size ranges from 6-12 students.

May this serve you or your loved ones well🌟

Onward and Upward,

 Lisa Wessan

PS – there are currently two spots still open for this group. If you know someone who could benefit, please tell them to contact me quickly. 

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